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Tomix Kiha 40 (HO scale)


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How are people's impressions of the HO Kiha 40s from Tomix? 


I'm planning on picking up the JNR color set next month but it seems unclear how difficult a DCC installation will be in this model.  The preproduction samples appear very detailed, so I'm excited for the set.

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HI, I get the Hokkaido version this week. It is beautiful, but for DCC I need to remove the cabin interior to modify a little the LEDs, but at the moment I didn't manage ti remove this piece.


I'll put some pics soon.

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Here are some pics:





As always, the motor in invisible







General view



And THE problem, at this time I still didn't manage to get the cabin off. But you have white front lights, destination light and cab light to cable at the decoder. I really need to remove this piece. (The red tail lights is a LED in the chassis)


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There is it, there is two pieces of adhesive tape that fix the tof of the cabine. 


I'll make a tutorial for DCC in a few days. 



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4 hours ago, Kiha66 said:

Thank you!  What a beautiful model, I'm definitely going to have to get one now.

Yep, I’m sold too on the JNR 40-2000

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4 hours ago, bnicolas1987 said:

There is it, there is two pieces of adhesive tape that fix the tof of the cabine. 


Thanks!  This looks very encouraging.  Fingers crossed Tomix continues this line. (Kiha 47 or Kiyuni 28 sometime in the next year perhaps?)

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Hi guys, the motor unit is nearly fully DCC fitted, I just have still a short-cut on a cab light. 


If you plan to fit a decoder in this beautiful KiHa 40, I recommend the ESU V5 as it has a lot of function output.


I'll do something better explained in a few days / weeks. 


In the toilet there is just enough space to put the decoder. 



Front lights, cab light and destination light 



Red lights and destination light. 


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Hi guys, 

Some more pics as the KiHa is now fully DCC fitted and reassembled. 

All the lights are on a single decoder output that allow to do mostly all possible combination. 













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Good morning Nicolas, the Tomix Kiha 40 was excellent publication, and I would be delighted if you could disclose the continuation, i.e. the points to be interrupted on the pcb and where you soldered the DCC wires.

If so, just some photos would be fine, without text or anything else.

Thank you so much in advance.

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Hi, It's on my "To do list", but I have too much work at the moment.

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