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What to do with JAL miles?


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I have about 7,400 JAL miles. Just got an email saying they are going to expire soon. I'm flying with ANA in December so there isn't much I can do about this.


Any ideas what to do with them? So far the only thing I've found is that they go about 1/3rd of the way towards a car rental for a day. Car rentals in Japan seem to be pretty expensive...

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Not much you can do with such a small amount.  Some airlines allow you to donate the miles  - not sure about JAL but I have done that with miles I have had on American and United.  They actually have links on their web sites with a selection of charities to choose from.


American extends the expiration date if you have any activity on the account.  I have about 30K plus miles left on American I don't have a use for and recently did a donation of miles to the Red Cross which extended my expiry date.




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