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Hitachi now offers trams (in Italy)


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Several years ago Hitachi acquired the Italian railway builder Ansaldo Breda S.p.A. and rebranded the company as Hitachi Rail Italy.  Torino Italy is progressing towards receiving the first order of new Hitachi Sirio trams.  Sirio trams are an established line of trams found in Milan, Athens, Florence, Naples and Gothenburg.





On Saturday and Sunday the first tram made its first public appearance at Piazza Castello in Torino. These are 28 meter single ended units.  This tram still has to undergo circulation tests, operator training and operator maneuver training before entering service, probably sometime in 2023.


Ferrovie.it has published an Italian language article with photos of the new tram. Can say I'm really wild on the deep blue and yellow paint scheme.



Perhaps this will be another international tram for the Tomytec line.

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