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Neon Noir Designs


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Coming Soon


End of the month means pay day and the chance to buy some new items for the shop. I placed an order for the following:


American style N-scale tree grates:



UK & ROI style N-gauge fences:



UK style OO gauge tree grates:



Coming Not So Soon


I also placed an order for what I hope is the final revision of the fire escapes.



The etch is drawn up but I just want to check the fit and finish following the last set of alterations. If all goes well I will order the version for sale next month.

Also on that etch is the first test of some American fire escapes:



I know these are something that is already available but I think I can add some variety and choice with my own designs. I am also working on some half landing Japanese fire escapes.


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I placed an order for following Guard rail fence designs today:




They should be be available at the end of the month.

I will also be placing the order fire escapes in the next few days.

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As well as the fire escapes I was able to get the production version of some new pipe barriers done and ordered today. 


That should keep me busy for a while!

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Martijn Meerts

Since I'm not building N-scale things at the moment, I can't really use any of this, but a lot of them look so nice that I've been tempted to get some stuff 😄


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Joe’s etches are just total awesome sauce!



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Thank you @Martijn Meerts I am going to be releasing the animal barriers in HO if that is any use to you. They are drawn up and ready to go. I have spent way too much on etches this month so I will order them at the beginning of May once I have been paid.


I also have some test samples for N and HO manhole covers seeing as I have been promising them for ages, they just take ever such a long time to draw up. 

My current plan is to produce a large sheet with a mixture of generic looking covers in different sizes and shapes. Then to offer separate smaller sheets with local/area spacific designs on.


These are the designs I am testing in HO, not all of them will work but I hope to get at least 6 that I can release and then rework the others.




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Martijn Meerts

I'll have to see what works. For now I'm still mostly building rolling stock, so I can determine the minimum radius especially for the JNR branch line part. I'm also not quite sure what I would need once I start building scenery 🙂


Manhole cover 1 sure is generic enough to be usable I believe.


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Not Very Clear


I was thinking more generic than cover 1, sorry I wasn't very clear in my last post.

Working on Yurakucho most of the covers I have drawn up very plain indeed. See below:



While not very interesting they are a lot more common than the decorative covers and possibly more useful.

I have included a couple of these designs in 1:150 on Etched Parts 1, I really need to redraw them for 1:80 along with road signs at some point.

There are also the big lids, that have a standard 60cm cover mounted within them for inspections.



I was thinking of making a set of these with holes in the middle so that you can choose the cover you want in the middle. They are sometimes mismatched.


Quick note

The UK and US tree grates are now available on Etsy:










I will add them to BOOTH later today.


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Martijn Meerts

Ah yeah... I'll definitely be interested in some things once I really get started. Of course, my H0 is 1/87, but for these kinda small things I don't think the difference between 1/80 and 1/87.


I am still also doing some N-scale though, probably mainly Enoden T-Trak for now. For that of course I could use a bunch of stuff. But it's all slow going at the moment 🙂


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