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Canada spotting

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I'm going for 14 days in Canada (Montreal / Quebec  then around Gaspesie following the coast). I intend also to shoot trains. Do you've good spots where I can make nice pictures ? As I'm in family, I'm not really 'allowed' to wait beside tracks waiting for a train to come but getting divorced if so. 


Any recommendation also on some scenic trains ? railway museum ? I've already identified 'Exporail' as museum but if you've good addresses (esp. steam locs), I'll be happpy too. 





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There is a Canadian Passenger Rail group on Group.IO




I don't know Montreal or the east coast, but I know a little bit about Toronto.


There is a railway museum in Roundhouse Park, in the heart of downtown Toronto.  https://torontorailwaymuseum.com/?page_id=39


In downtown Toronto there is also mega layout exhibit called Little Canada.   https://little-canada.ca/


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Bienvenue JM!


Exporail is worth a visit. They have an LNER Class A4 steam locomotive. It is a 4-6-2 locomotive built to the same design by Sir Nigel Gresley as the more famous Mallard. We went there by train. From Monday to Friday, except holidays, the Candiac/St-Constant, commuter train leaves from platform No. 2 at Lucien-L’Allier station in Montréal to St-Constant and makes a return trip from St Constant to Montreal with the No. 86 train (with the No. 83 train to Candiac*). A day well spent.


Apparently the Dorval VIA rail train station is a good place to see passenger trains as well as both CP and CN freight trains. 


We took the VIA Rail train from Ottawa to Montréal and then from Montréal to Quebec City. The latter is a lovely 3 hour or so ride. Quebec City is a fantastic place to visit.


The Train de Charlevoix was a lovely day trip from Quebec to Baie-Saint-Paul if you decide to head out that way.


Didn't see any trains in Gaspesie but there are many micro-breweries that are worth a visit if you like a nice beer.


I hope you enjoy your trip to Canada.







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I've never done train watching in Montreal, aside from waiting for the Metro.
But do plan to visit Atwater Market for great pastries, smoked meats, and other tasty delights!
: 3

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-Walk around the entirety of Mount Royal, starting around University de Montreal and ending at the Tam Tams area (I finally did this last summer and it was amazing, there are lots of "secret" spots around the mountain you can explore)

-Walk along the entirety of Saint Laurent Boulevard pretty much from Jean Talon down to the Old Port

-Get a bixi in the old port and ride it down the Lachine canal, maybe west to one of the bars with a terrace right on the path, like riverside if you like cocktails or the St Ambroise brewery if you like beer.

-Try typical Montreal foods. Some of them legendary. I strongly suggest :
Bagles @ Fairmount Bagles
Pho @ La belle Tonki or Pho Bang New York
That special Oj @ Orange Julep. It's a good spot to get a decent poutine as well



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On 7/3/2022 at 11:26 PM, tossedman said:



The Train de Charlevoix was a lovely day trip from Quebec to Baie-Saint-Paul if you decide to head out that way.






I went to the Montmorency waterfall. The train is running once a day, but it was a too long day trip for us. 


Anyway, thx

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