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Yikes! But I think the car driver is okay.


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YouTuber HKASAMA had the serious misfortune to record a Romancecar train set running into a small work van close to Odakyu Fujisawa Station:



From the comments I saw on YouTube, it appears the driver is not seriously hurt, but the work van is (of course) a total loss. Now you know why every train company is Japan that can afford it are elevating their tracks as much as possible to minimize these types of accidents.

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Ouch! Glad the chap wasn’t killed. Couple of thousand of these in the us every year. Still shocked folks will honk at me when I stop as soon as lights and Bells go off, some will even lay on the horn as the arms are coming down wanting us to try to limbo under the lowering arms and beat a MARC train barreling thru at 50mph or so. Insane. few years back I actually saw one guy snake thru the arms once down and he just missed getting slammed. I was so shocked I didn’t even think at the moment to get his license number I just was bracing for an explosion of car parts and bits of meat jello. ever look head on at a speeding train and try to judge it’s speed? Very hard in just a glance.

Wish we had triggered cameras at crossings for this. 



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YouTube member 藤沢弘軌 sagami tv posted a video of the damage assessment and initial repair work on the train, plus on-site police analysis of the accident site:



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