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Exciting times: international flight reservation booked


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6 hours ago, chadbag said:


That Facebook group about traveling to and from Japan has had many people comment on the spurious app quarantine pop-up and the consensus is you can ignore it.


The "Quarantine last date" later changed to the ambiguous "8/9/22", which I presume is the utterly confusing US way of writing August 9th 2022 (it sure isn't September 22, Reiwa 8; ISO 8601 FTW), and this morning there was a big-ish popup on the phone screen saying "Thank you for your cooperation" and nothing else; upon starting the app, the main screen had changed to a very different menu showing various generic health/SOS/medical things (no sign of the previous options for showing quarantine status), and I uninstalled it.

There is a lot of on-going confusion about the app. In particular it's not obvious that you can register via the web portal on a PC and fill in forms, upload documents there, then link that with the app; doing that via the app itself is evidently not very easy.


6 hours ago, chadbag said:

For others who read Squids description:  The MySOS app now pops up a screen in different colors. If you come from a Blue country you basically get in to Japan, as I understand it, with nothing more than the app (and I think proof of your covid test you uploaded to the app before travel ).  No vaccination proof necessary as I understand it. Countries are grouped by the prevalence of Covid, the countries efforts to combat it, general vaccination rates, or whatever.  US and U and many others are Blue, which is the best.

Yup; vaccination proof not required for "Blue" countries (I uploaded mine anyway because the more docs the merrier, though it wouldn't accept the Squidlet's, as he only has two but the system insists on three). For "Yellow" countries (where I might be going soon) proof of vaccination is needed to avoid quarantine. As of the time of writing, that is.


6 hours ago, chadbag said:

I am not an expert on this and have just been reading about it on the FB group dedicated to such things, and I could have misunderstood.


It's certainly confusing... but still an improvement on the previous system:



which involved this very long line of chairs (hundreds of them) stretching from the arrival gate to the quarantine station.





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ISO 8601
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