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Just saw it again and amazed it’s still just as sweet as the first time. Still brings a smile to the face and a small tear, few new movies do that. Ironically I had ramen with wontons for dinner, not planned. The homeless gourmet scene always makes me crave for a rice omelette! Now I have to go watch Babette’s feast and maybe a couple of Bourdain destination unknowns if I’m not too old…



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I haven't seen it in a while. Quite loved then, but I think more partial to Naoko Ogigami cinema.

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Is a tad sticky sweet, but off kilter enough to sort of knock that back some. Also all the westerns and samurai movie twinges are fun. i was just happy to see it’s held up well with time, last watched it like 15 years ago. Love those good food flicks and of course good old original Iron Chefs! I’ve been enjoying watching Bourdain a lot lately again with his odd look at food and culture and snarky without being annoyingly so. So many good Japanese food movies as well.


It was a fun one way back in grad school almost 40 years ago when it came out. Getting to see odd flicks like that was great with the rise of video rental, especially from the weird and wonderful stores in Berkeley that had all sorts of odd and fun import stuff you didn’t find in blockbuster! The guy I shared a lab bench with for a couple of years got a small student loan and bought a nice beta player (right at that moment it was looking to be the winner!) and sound system so at least once a week a bunch of us would have weird movie nights with at times 4 or 5 flick marathons. Lots of food and beer, quite fun. Lots of movies like Tompopo, Koyaanisqatsi, Babette’s feast, seven samurai, godzillas (you can guess who suggested these), blade runner, young Frankenstein, the man who fell to earth, planer of the apes, and many others, the quirkier the better.


Naoko Ogigami Looks interesting, but sadly not coming thru on any of the usual sources.



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