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Train Trax - Online KATO N gauge supplier in the UK

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Model Railway Magic

As some of you know, I took over Train Trax UK (www.traintrax.co.uk) in January from the previous owner Keith.


Since then I've invested heavily in updating the website, but as part of the upgrade it was decided that the old product star ratings/'reviews' weren't worth copying across. However, this does leave the new site without any customer feedback.


I'd love to hear feedback and get some (more) reviews on the site, so for anyone who posts a review (minimum 20 words), I'll send a voucher for 5% off your next order. Of course you'll also get that nice warm fuzzy feeling for helping other people!


All you need to do is find the 'reviews' tab below the photo on any product page, and add a review. Your details won't be used for anything else.

Feel free to share this post anywhere online where you think there may be helpful people who have knowledge and experience of Kato!


Thank you very much in advance!


Ian Miller

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Good to see the site is finally accessible from Japan; I've often been in the situation where I could have referred someone in the UK to a specific product etc., but was always unable to.

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All the best with the site Ian. I’ve always directed UK based Japan rail enthusiasts to Train Trax having been a pretty regular customer of Keith’s before moving back to Japan. Always great service and good prices.  I wish Keith an enjoyable retirement. 


(Not wanting to be pedantic but noticed a typo on the 10-1725 Asakaze set. Currently reads Asakaxe)


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Model Railway Magic



Recently the (UK) Yorkshire Area Group of the N Gauge Society have adopted T-TRAK as a standard for a new layout and it has been very well received. You can see some of their adventures on the N Gauge Forum at https://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=56857.0


There has been some interest from various individuals and groups who would like to have a go, but suitable modules are difficult to obtain commercially in the UK.


By co-incidence I decided to join the group half way through this process, and I have now agreed to handle the ordering and distribution of the 'YAG' T-Trak kits via the Train Trax website. They obviously fit in well with the rest of the Kato range!

As we have no idea what demand will be like, I'm going to accept 'pre-orders' until 9am on Monday 6th June. You can place your pre-order here: https://traintrax.co.uk/t-trak

No payment will be required until the parts arrive with me, likely to be w/c 13th June. If you are wanting more than two kits delivered to the same address then please contact me directly as I can probably improve on the pricing (the listed price of the larger boards includes a contribution towards rather pricey courier delivery).

Hope this is OK to post.




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Good luck with that project!  So much of the British equipment will fit perfectly in a T-Trak setting, looking forward to seeing what results.

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Model Railway Magic

Just to let you know that the Train Trax June sale is now open!




Significant savings to be had on selected trains, locomotives, rolling stock and some buildings;  lots of Japanese, and some North American and European prototypes.


Sale prices will remain valid for 2 weeks only, and items won't be re-stocked. The reason for the reductions is to clear storage space ready for new items due to arrive in July.

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Model Railway Magic

Quick update - Train Trax is having a T-TRAK week. Follow on Facebook for more updates...


I currently have stock of all the different types of T-TRAK laser cut module kit. This now includes junctions, singles, doubles, triples, outside and inside corners.  Each kit is simple to assemble and produces a baseboard ready to lay track. Uni-Track and cables available as optional extras.

All available form https://traintrax.co.uk/t-trak

Use T-TRAK-10 coupon code for 10% off all T-TRAK kits this week - I need to clear a bit of space. Contact me if you want more than two, as further discounts may be available for bulk buys going to the same address.

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Model Railway Magic

I thought it might be useful for folks here if I dropped a list of all the Japanese KATO items I currently have in stock here at Train Trax UK. Some of these go back a few years so might be hard to find elsewhere. I'm happy to post internationally and would be happy to negotiate modest discounts for mutliple purchases. All available on https://www.traintrax.co.uk.



10-005 JR E5 & E6 Shinkansen Double Track Starter Set

10-010 JR E353 Series Azusa/Kaiji Starter Set

10-020 N Scale Starter Set EF210 Container Train

10-246 Series 885 1st. "Around Kyushu" 6-Car Set

10-326 JR Thunderbird EMU 3 Car Add on Set

10-333 Series 165 (low roof) - Japan Railways East - 3 Car Add-On Set

10-345 JR Thunderbird EMU 6 Car Powered Set

10-355 100 Grand Hikari Shinkansen 6 Car Add on Set

10-848 JR E259 Series Narita Express 3 Car Add on Set

10-893 111-0 Shonan Colour 7 Car Powered Set

10-896 JR Shinkansen Series 923 "Doctor Yellow" 3 cars Powered

10-897 JR Shinkansen Bullet Train Type 923-3000 'Doctor Yellow' Add-on

10-1108 287 Stork 3 Car Add-On Set

10-1113 Series 100 Kuroshio 3 Car Add on Set

10-1142 Series 20 Sleeping Car Sakura Sasebo Unit 8 Car Set

10-1176 N700A Shinkansen NOZOMI 8 Car Add-On Set

10-1203 *489 Hakusan Colour 4 Car Add on Set

10-1213 Series 100 Shikansen Grand Hikari 4 car add on set

10-1221 *Series E7 Hokuriku Shinkansen Bullet Train Basic 3-car set

10-1222 *Series E7 Hokuriku Shinkansen Bullet Train 3 Car Addon

10-1223 *Series E7 Hokuriku Shinkansen Bullet Train 6 Car Addon

10-1255 JR E3 2000 Series Tsubasa Shinkansen 7 Car Powered Set

10-1289 JR E3-2000 Series Yamagata Shinkansen 7 Car Powered Set

10-1367 JR HB-E300 Series Resort Shirakami DMU 4 Car Powered Set

10-1389 *Series 165 Express Alps

10-1400 Seibu Railways 40000 Series 4 car powered set

10-1426 TAKI 25000/HOKI 5700 Ida Line Freight Train 4 Car Set

10-1448 Freight Car KU 5000 6 Car Set (with Cars Load)

10-1451 Series 381 "YUTTARI YAKUMO"

10-1460 *JR Hoki 5700 Chichibu Cement 8 Car Set

10-1485 *Series 24-25 Sleeper Express Seto-Asakaze 6 Car Add on

10-1488 *Series 165 Express Sado 7 Car Set

10-1489 *Series 165 Express Sado 7 Car Add on Set

10-1502 *Series 189 Asama Small Windows 4 Car Add on Set

10-1504 *JR 2000 Series Shikoku 3 Car Powered Set

10-1505 *JR 2000 Series Shikoku Shiokaze/Ishizuchi Train Pack

10-1523 JR E353 Series Azusa/Kaiji 5 Car add on Set

10-1524 JR E353 Series Azusa/Kaiji 3 Car Add on Set

10-1557 *JR Series 701-0 Akita Livery 3 Car Powered Set

10-1558 *JR Series 701-0 Akita Livery 2 Car Powered Set

10-1560 *Iwate Galaxy Railway (IGR) Series 7000-0 2 Car Set

10-1565 JR 285-3000 Series Sunrise Express 7 Car Powered Set

10-1566 JR E6 Series Shinkansen Komachi 3 Car Powered Set

10-1584 *JR 651 Series Super Hitachi 7 Car Powered Set

10-1603 *KU5000 Tricolor Wagon Set (8)

10-1604 *Hiroden 1000 LRV Piccolo/Piccola Tram Set (2)

10-1608 E26 system "Cassiopeia" 6 coach basic set

10-1609 E26 system "Cassiopeia" 6-Car extension set

10-1610 JT 227-0 Series Red Wing 3 Car Powered Set

10-1612 JT 227-0 Series Red Wing 2 Car Add on Set

10-1613 *JR E257-2000 Series Odoriko 9 Car Powered Set

10-1614 *JR E257-2500 Series Odoriko 5 Car Powered Set

10-1615 *JR Series 787 Tsubame Coach Set (9)

10-1623 *JR 43 Series Night Express KISO 6 Car Coach Set

10-1624 *JR 43 Series Night Express KISO 4 Car Coach Set

10-1625 *Keikyu Corporation 230 Series Daishi Line 4 Car EMU

10-1644 *JR E261 Series Saphir Odoriko 8 Car EMU Powered Set

10-1646 *JR 700 Series Shinkansen Nozomi 8 Car Add on Set

10-1647 *JR Tobu 8000 4 Car Powered Set

10-1648 *JR Tobu 8000 4 Car Add-on Set

10-1649 *JR Tobu 8000 2 Car Add-on Set

10-1650 *Tobu Railway Series 8000 Renewal Late 8 Car Powered Set

10-1651 *Tobu Railways 8000 Series Renewal 2 Car Add on Set

10-1663 *JR E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa 3 Car Powered Set

10-1664 *JR E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa 3 Car Add on Set

10-1665 *JR E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa 4 Car Add on Set

10-1669 *JR Taki 1000 (Late Stage) JOT Tank Wagon Set (8)

10-1677 *JR Series 233-2000 Shinkaisoku 4 Car Powered Set

10-1678 *JR Series 233-2000 Shinkaisoku 8 Car Powered Set

10-1686 *JR 813-200 Series 3 Car Powered Set

10-1687 *JR 813-200 Series 3 Car Add on Set

10-1688 *JR 813-200 Series Fukuhokuyutaka Line 3 Car Powered Set

10-1689 *JR 813-200+300 Series 6 Car Powered Set

10-1690 *JR 381 Series Panorama Shinao 6 Car EMU Powered Set

10-1691 *JR 381 Series Panorama Shinao 3 Car Add On Set

10-1693 *JR HOT7000 Super Hakuto Chizu Express 6 Car Powered Set

10-1695 *JR Kiha 283 Series EMU Ozora 6 Car Powered Set

10-1696 *JR Kiha 283 Series EMU Ozora 3 Car Add on Set

10-1697 *JR N700S Shinkansen Nozomi 4 Car Powered Set

10-1700 *JR Series 0-2000 Shinkansen Hikari/Kodama 8 Car Powered

10-1701 *JR Series 0-2000 Shinkansen Hikari/Kodama 8 Car Add on

10-1706 *JR 313 Series Type 1100 EMU Chuo Mainline 4 Car Set

10-1707 *JR 313 Series Type 1600 EMU Chuo Mainline 3 Car Set

10-1708 *JR 313 Series Type 1300 EMU Chuo Mainline 2 Car Set

10-1709 *JR 117 Series Central 4 Car Powered Set A

10-1710 *JR 117 Series Central 4 Car Powered Set B

10-1711 *JR 117 Series Central JR/Revival Livery 8 Car Powered Set

10-1718 *JR E2-1000 Series Shinkansen Yamabiko/Toki 6 Car Set

10-1719 *JR E2-1000 Series Shinkansen Yamabiko/Toki 4 Car Add on

10-1720 *JR Series 12 Takasaki Yard Coach Set (7)

10-1724 *JR Post Tokaido Line Sanyo Coach Set (6)

10-1725 JR Series 20 Asakaze Express Sleeper 8 Car Powered Set

10-1726 JR Series 20 Asakaze Express Sleeper 7 Car Add On Set

10-1738 JR Wamu 80000-280000 Wagon Set (14)

10-1740 JR Wamu 380000 Wagon Set (14)

10-1742 JR N700S Shinkansen Nozomi 16 Car Powered Set

10-1743A *JR Series 103 EMU Sky Blue 4 Car Powered Set

10-1743B *JR 103 Series Orange EMU 4 Car Powered Set

10-1743C *JR Series 103 EMU Light Green 4 Car Powered Set

10-1743D *JR 103 Series Canary Yellow EMU 4 Car Powered Set

10-1743E *JR 103 Series Emerald Green EMU 4 Car Powered Set

10-1744A *JR Series 103 EMU Sky Blue Middle Coach Set (3)

10-1744C *JR Series 103 EMU Light Green Middle Coach Set (3)

10-1745 *JR Series 683-4000 Thunderbird 4 Car Powered Set

10-1746 *JR Series 683-4000 Thunderbird 5 Car Add-on Set

10-1747 *JR Series 683-4000 Thunderbird 9 Car Powered Set [Limited Edition]

10-1758 Tokyo Metro Yurakucho/Fukutoshin 17000 6-Car Basic Set

10-1760 Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Series 18000 6-Car Basic Set

10-1761 Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Series 18000 4-Car Add-on Set

10-1766 300 series 0 series Shinkansen "Nozomi" 16-car set


2016-8 D51 200 Steam Locomotive

2017-7 *JR C62 Tokaido Line Steam Locomotive

2017-8 *JR C62-2 Tokaido Line Steam Locomotive

2021 JR C11 Steam Locomotive

2024 C57 1st Steam Locomotive

3046-1 Electric Locomotive EF66-100 Modified Version

3049-2 JR EF58-150 Electric Locomotive Blue Miyaharasa Depot

3061-1 Electric Locomotive EF65-1000 Late Stage

3073 EF30

3075-2 Electric locomotive ED75-0 Late Stage

3080-1 JR ED79 Electric Locomotive

3081 EF70 1000 Locomotive

3091-2 *JR EF64-0 Electric Locomotive

3092-1*JR EF210 300 Electric Locomotive

3092-2 *JRF EF210 300 Electric Locomotive

3093-3 JR EF61 Electric Locomotive



4570 SARO 481 Late

4865 Kumoya 90 0 series (M) - powered

4866 Kumoya 90 0 series (T) - non-powered

5068 JR Nahafu 11 Coach

5143 Passenger Car OHAFU 50 Red

5146 Mani 44 Coach

5240 *JR Mani 60 200 Coach

5257 SUHAFU32 Coach

5281-A Series 14 Coach OHA 14 JR

5302 *JR Oha 12 Coach

5304 *JR Suhafu 12 100 Coach

6068 *KIHA 82 900

6115 *KIHA28

6116 *KIRO28

6117 *KIHA65





8046-1 Brake Van Caboose

8062 Tora 90000 Freight Car pack of 2

8070 TEMU 300 Freight Car Set pack of 2

8072 *JR Taki 25000 Japan Oil Transportation Wagon

8072-1 *JR Taki 25000 NRS Wagon

8078-7 *KU5000 Tricolor Wagon

8081 *JR Taki 1000 (Late Stage) JOT Tank Wagon



11-221 LED Coach Lighting Set For 7 Car 285 Series

11-561 *Wire Netting Cover Frame Set for TORA 90000 (2)

14-804-1 *HER Hiroden 1000 LEV Green Mover LEX Tram

14-804-5 Hiroden 1001 "Hiroden Bus" Tram

22-242-4 Japanese EMU (E5/E6 Shinkansen) Sound Card

23-510 Covered Car Load for KU5000 (8)

23-573 *19D Container Conventional Livery (5)

23-574 *UR19A Container Nihonsekiyuyuso Red Belt (5)



I'll try to remember to update this list as stock changes!



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Model Railway Magic

I'm currently holding a January sale. Substantial discounts on all sorts of stuff - take a look: traintrax.co.uk/sale If you're interested there's two reasons why I'm doing this: primarily because such things are traditional around this time of year and also because I'm planning to move my store room to a much bigger unit (on the same site) in February. Less stock will make the move easier, and then I can spend the cash on re-stocking bigger and better than ever.



Clearance prices remain in place until the end of January, and there will be very limited re-stocking during this time across all lines. Get your orders in early! If you're looking for something in particular that shows as out of stock then please do get in touch.

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Model Railway Magic

It's been a while since making an update here, mainly as things have been busy! However, it's sale time again.  I announced the sale firstly to Facebook followers, and then my general email mailing list, but the sale continues until 12noon on Monday so I thought I'd open it to everyone now.


You'll find some massive savings (more than 30% in some cases) on Japanese, North American and European trains. Browse to https://traintrax.co.uk/sale or go to each category page and look for the items marked 'Sale'. In most cases these items will not be restocked (generally the distributers we use are now out of stock). I'm happy to ship worldwide.


In case you're wondering, the company end-of-year stock taking is coming up, so we need to reduce stock to make everything a bit more manageable and make room for new items!

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Model Railway Magic

Summer sale time again:




You'll see that we've added the ability to filter by category to make it easier to find the bargain that's right for you!


Our prices are always good compared to other UK retailers, but sometimes we can offer extra price reductions on selected KATO items. Grab them while you can!


We're unlikely to re-stock any of these items. We need to make shelf room for incoming stock (and to prepare for our end of year stocktake). Sale ends 30th June or when stock runs out!

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