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Cheapo Oscilloscope


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5 minutes ago, maihama eki said:

Amazing that anyone can make and sell any scope for $34.


My day job is designing circuit bits and pieces that go into oscilloscopes like these:




We sell them for a bit more than $34.


I suspect the ones that come from your bits and pieces are a bit more capable 🙂


I m ay try one of these cheapos just to measure things like DCC track voltage and stuff.  We'll see.  Waiting to hear from Gavin on it.

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I received the scope today. It's nice and small. Feels fairly robust, and comes with a few different ways to attach in order to take a reading. I don't really know how to use it yet so I can't comment on anything technically.


It doesn't come with a power supply. One of the reasons it's so cheap. Fortunately I happen to have a 9V PS with a fitting socket in my big tub of power supplies.







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