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Forum and server software update March 2022

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Martijn Meerts

Howdy all!


It's been a while again since we updated the software versions for both the server and the forum. Especially the forum software has been bugging the admins for a while since we get this nice red banner saying there's a critical update waiting to be installed 😉


Anyway, I'll likely try to perform this update the coming weekend, likely sometime Saturday evening GMT time. During this time the forum might not be available for a little while.


There haven't been any major changes to the features we use, so it's mostly just a maintenance and security release. If you're interested in the changes anyway, see https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community/whats-new-in-460-r1229/


I'll try not to destroy anything.






Should the forum not be back online on Sunday, something may have gone terribly wrong, and I may be panicking somewhere in a dark room ...


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Thanks Martijn! Will be fun to not have the red banner of death (update or you will be consumed with flames of hell messages!) 


appreciate you spending the time on this.



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Martijn Meerts

The server and the forum have been updated.


There were some minor changes I had to make to the template, but I don't think there's any issues due to the update. However, if you do come across something, let me know and I'll see if it can be fixed.


There might be some slowdowns for a bit considering there's a bunch of background tasks running to make changes to the database and to reindex a bunch of stuff.




On 3/4/2022 at 8:28 PM, cteno4 said:

Will be fun to not have the red banner of death (update or you will be consumed with flames of hell messages!)


I actually thought I messed up the template, because it looked weird. Then I realized that the red warning was missing 😄


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