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How to fasten HO Unitrack


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Basically that. What do you use to fasten HO Unitrack for solidity, to a baseboard. I'd some apparent success with some small countersunk head screws, but I've forgotten the size of the ones I used and I think that they mightn't work in every situation. Also search didn't appear to bring up anything appropriate, just for N Unitrack.

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for n scale Unitrak my go to are small screws, usually M1.2 and M1.4. You can either drill through the top of the track and screw from the top with either pan head or counter sunk flat head or drill thru the baseboard (of thin enough) and screw up through the baseboard with a larger washer head screw. You can locate where to drill the baseboard by drilling thru the track and then drilling back down through the track holes and through the baseboard (later just fill the little hole in the top of the track). then you can drill out a bit big for the baseboard hole so you have a little wiggle room to move things around if you use the washer head screws.

On ho you could go larger to get longer if needed, like M1.7 or M2. Track holes in the ho track may be bigger also. 









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Today, I picked up a pack of 200 4G by 19mm stainless steel countersunk screws from a local fastener specialist - couldn't find any anodised in black or grey - and used a 2mm twist drill bit on the precast cylinders that's in the Unitrack base. It works. I thought about using 2G screws but they didn't feel right. Yet a 2G screw head probably fits in the sleeper gap better.

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