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Kato 7011-4 "DE10" with DN163K4A - need suggestions on loose contact


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I have 2 Units of Kato DE10s, both with Digitax drop in decoder board. But both seem to have something I could only describe as a loose contact. Sometimes they simply dont react at all, when I push the decoder (or the chassis once attached) they work again.


On one unit I put some additional solder on the contacts, both units I covered contacts in silver conduct paint. None made a difference.


I am open to any suggestions what I could try.


Attached pictures of the board and that it actually sits tight.



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top right.  the little black platic wedge.  can that be pushed in more to raise the board up into the little end cups for contact?



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I didnt realise that!!!!! Genius! Thats actually a wedge, yes. Seems to work now, how stupid of me lol.


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