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What did you run today? (Worldwide models)


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Having spent last week on leave from work, I spent a good part of that time stripping down my layout, vacuuming the dust and dead bugs up and cleaning the track sections with isopropyl alcohol before reassembling the layout and trying a few new arrangements of the track layout. In the end, I just rebuilt it as it was previously, because it turns out that works the best for what I want right now. And with everything back together, why not run a few trains? This was the view last Friday night:




Today's running started with the biggest diesel in my fleet: the Henschel DH 4000, better known as the DB class V 320. I'd paired it up with a brand-new carriage set (and an extra Umbaü coach with pickup shoe to power the internal lighting) the week before but it wouldn't couple to the baggage car despite some of my other locomotives being able to do so. I managed to 'persuade' it to behave for a little bit, but after leaving the garage for five minutes to attend to a pesky thrush raiding our plum tree (!), I returned to find it had... misbehaved. Yes, the coaches had come loose and 'donk' - the V 320 was pushing them around the layout!




I managed to make it 'behave' again for a short time to take this photo, but then the coupler popped open again and the train got left behind. Annoying! I may have to swap out the current-conducting coupler at one end for a normal one to resolve the issue, although at this stage it's just with this particular locomotive that I have issues so it might pay to check whether everything else is fine with it.




More nonsense, a brake van special! This loco was put away rather shortly afterwards as it shares the same address as another BR24, which means they can't be on the tracks at the same time, double-heading excepted of course. At some stage one or both will receive a new decoder to resolve that issue, as the factory ones can't be reset to a new address. If the latter, I might consider sound for them too.




Different 24 this time, same V 320. I had decided that since the 320 was out, why not mate it with my full coal train which now stretches to twelve four-wheelers not including the brake van. The 24 on the other hand had the 'van train', comprising nine wagons plus brake van. Both looked good ambling around the layout. I really should run things more often.



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