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Kato Power Pack Standard SX, Part no. 220181


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So I just want to make sure I’m reading this correctly — Kato’s Standard SX Power Pack does not come with an AC power adapter, which has to be purchased separately?

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This was my experience in the USA. I found one that was for sale with a us adapter and one without. The latter has been working with an aftermarket adapter, so far so good 

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Kato produce 2 different power supplies for this controller depending on which of their product lines you are using.

A “N” version which outputs up to 12V and an “HO” version that outputs up to 16V.

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I’m trying to think my way through possibilities — if memory serves, Unitrak has a specific connector between the power pack and the track. I assume it’s possible to connect a Kato power pack to something that’s not Unitrak?

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