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Swift Express Freight


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This is interesting…




In the UK, four class 321 EMU units are being converted to light goods freight in an attempt to provide a more environmental alternative to trucks, especially during current supply chain issues. New concept is called Swift Express Freight and it’s run by the Eversholt Rail leasing company.


I know I’ve seen discussion on these boards about how the Japanese are transporting food and light goods into Tokyo using converted passenger stock. It’s interesting if globally Less-than-Carload (LCL) or light goods freight makes a bit of a comeback.


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Dairies like the Express Dairy used to have their wagons attached to express trains in the UK prior to the nationalization of UK railways.









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At least in Japan one of the factors in modal shift is the lack of truck drivers- it is a hard job and the net generation has no interest being on the road away from home all the time.

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