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JR Kyushu Two Stars 4047 Joyful Train


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The Hayato No Kaze will be cancelled in 2021 and turned into the Futatsuboshi Two Stars 4047 Joyful train, which will start operation in 2022.


It will run on the line between Nagasaki and Saga.




official announcement:





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Was just about to post up this.  Shame to see the Hayato no Kaze and Isaburo/Shinpei be split up to make another service.  But they ain't running anytime soon one their current lines.


To add to the running lines.  It is a morning service, Nagasaki to Takeo-Onsen, using the Omura line.  Then afternoon service, Takeo-Onsen to Nagasaki, using the Nagasaki main line.  Basicly a giant daily loop.

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Das Steinkopf

The interior kind of reminds me of the Kawasemi Yamasemi, I'm glad my wife booked tickets for us to do the 3 joyful trains in one day mission with the SL Hitoyoshi, Isaburou Shinpei and Hayato no Kaze back in 2017, it will probably be a while before the Hisatsu Line is up and running again considering how much damage was done by the floods.

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Glad I got to ride on both the Hayato no Kaze and Isaburo/Shinpei before they finish(ed). And on the plus side another special train to ride on when we can visit again. 


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