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Multiple Decoders: Is This A Good Idea?


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I’m finally getting around to upgrading my Tomix RailStar 700 Series to DCC.  I’ve already found several threads on this, but the part that stumps me is getting around the continuous electrical connection between cars.  Before I make any permanent modifications, I wanted to ask if any harm would come to having all three decoders electrically tied together inside the train (red and black wires), as that’s essentially what will happen if I leave the contacts intact.  I’m using the usual Kato EM13 + (x2)FL12s.  So far, I’m halfway through converting the motor car.  



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There shouldn't be any issues if wired correctly, remember those decoders would already be tied together already, just though track power.  All the continuous electrical connection is doing is making that track power much more reliable.

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