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Bonjour de Paris


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Hello everyone,


My name is Matthieu, 41 years old, from Paris (France).


I have been passionate about trains since childhood and have never stopped practicing modelrailroading.

I went through many scales (O, On30, Oe, HO, HOe, HOm, N, etc ...) and many regions of interest.


At the moment, due to the size of my Parisian apartment, I am doing N US and Japanese.


See you soon in the forum pages ...

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2 hours ago, cteno4 said:

Bienvenue Matthieu ! Content que vous nous ayez trouvé.


avez-vous actuellement une mise en page?



Good night and thank you.

I no longer have a fixed layout since I moved to a 35m2 apartment in the center of Paris, with my partner ... My trains must fit in 1m3 ... So I spend my time assembling and dismantling Kato / Tomix track circuits to run French, American and Japanese trains in N. I still have a few French and German trains in HO to circulate on the club layout.

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that’s the fun with Japanese track and trains, it lends itself so well to doing temporary setups and plop down building and scenery bits for temp setups. Very Japanese as many in japan have the same limitations. Does really let you play with the trains a lot this way. Check out this article on ways to enhance doing temporary layouts.




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Welcome Matthieu,

That is an impressive range of scales you have experience in.

I look forward to hopefully seeing some of the projects you have worked on.


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Salut Matthieu and welcome to the forum.


I model many scales too and have a feeling I may go back to narrow gauge once my current project is finished but at the rate it's progressing that's still a few years away !


All the best



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10 hours ago, Matthieu said:

.... I still have a few French and German trains in HO to circulate on the club layout.


Hello Matthieu, 


What club do you belong to ? 



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