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Hobby/model shop updates in Tokyo's Akihabara area


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Notes from my occasional perambulations around Akihabara..












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Popondetta have opened a new branch in Akihabara for second hand models: Poppondetta Akiba Reuse Store. On the second storey (2F) of the "Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan" - Street View image - you need to go through the Gachapon store all the way to the back. Quite spacious with the largest collection of "junk" (unboxed models of varying quality) in one space I've seen in a store, unfortunately unsorted.




As of yesterday the second hand floor of the main store was still open as normal, not sure if they're going to move it all to the new store.



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Ah dammit, there goes my wallet in 2023... but at least that gives me time to save up and plan for when I visit places like this! And close-ish to Akihabara Station too. Thanks for the heads-up squid!

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