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I haven't reported back in a long time, but things have been happening.


By the end of April we had all the little nitty gritty done including door/window bucks, al the various weird reinforcements, etc in for the basement layer pour.  But then the bank stepped in and put a hold on stuff.  The construction loan was set to expire Mid June and they wanted us to submit a loan extension and new budget (due to market conditions stuff had gone up).  It took 5 weeks to get all the re-bids/estimates in (mostly due to one contractor who had a few different things they were fronting and were slow about) and then another 2 months almost to get approved.  Finally got it done and the basement layer was poured 5 weeks ago on August 10 IIRC (Wed that week).  It took a while for the plumber to come in (while we in the mean time took down bracing and cleaned up).  Plumber came in and got the drainage rough-ins in and passed inspection last Thursday.  Yesterday and this morning the gravel slingers were in action filling everything with gravel.


Tomorrow I have help and we'll lay out the vapor barrier over the gravel, layout foam insulation (some of which is nubbed for radiant and some just plain), route the radiant pex piping, and them put re-mesh (and in a few places rebar) down and next Friday (week from tomorrow) they should pour the slab.  Assuming all goes well.  I actually need the plumber to come today or tomorrow to put sleeves around the back flow valves, which are currently covered in gravel (but marked).  And they need to wrap the pipes where they will be embedded in concrete (I assume to handle concrete expansion) before we can pour.  The framer is getting ready as soon as the concrete slab has cured anough to get the bearing walls and joists and subfloor in for the main floor after which we can backfill and quickly get the foam for the next layer done.


The garage slab people came in a week or week and a half ago and measured stuff to get the suspended slabs built.


Pics are in chronological order from the outside stair retaining wall forms right before basement pour through pour, take down, and gravel throwing



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Very cool! Sorry you got that big delay thrown in there. But moving now. Hopefully next layer will go faster.





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Friday and Saturday we laid out foam insulation for under the basement slab.  Simple 2" white foam insulation with silver back where we won't use radiant and special radiant foam (tol hold the PEX) down where we will have radiant.  Saturday we laid the PEX down and also brought the steel mesh down and started laying it out.  To get the steel mesh in we create a walk way over the walls and just handed it down.  The first 3 or 4 we did in a slower more difficult way before we created the walk way using scaffolding planks (which were screwed together etc to be safe -- not just placed together).


(In the pics some of the green radiant foam has no tubing --- isolated closet or room without radiant in the middle of the radiant area -- easier to just lay the same stuff.)


This coming Friday supposedly is the concrete pour for the slab.  Tomorrow (monday) I need to pressure test the PEX and this week wen need to finish preparing stuff (laying mesh etc) for the pour.








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In preparation for pouring the slab this Friday (knock on wood) and inspection tomorrow, yesterday,  I bought an oilless air compressor (been wanting one anyway) and, after a few trips to Lowe's to get the right crimping tool and right size PEX crimp rings (the stainless kind, not copper), I installed the pressure test system to the basement radiant tubing we installed Saturday and pushed it up to 100 psi. That was around 10pm last night at around 68F. I waited 30 min last night and the pressure stayed.  

I went up this morning at 11am at around 79F and due to the increased temperature, the pressure in the system is above 100 psi. That tells me our test is successful. Just leaving it as is until the inspection tomorrow.




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Nice work chad! Are you doing ground based heat pump then?


nice bennie getting a compressor out of the job! I always love the jobs more that I get a new tool out of it.



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8 hours ago, cteno4 said:

Nice work chad! Are you doing ground based heat pump then?


nice bennie getting a compressor out of the job! I always love the jobs more that I get a new tool out of it.


Yes to heat pump.  Geostar (Water Furnace -- they have two brands depending on how they're marketed and the sales channel but same devices).  The plans call for 4x 210ft shafts to be drilled in the back yard.


I've always said the reason men agree to do honey-dos around the house is so they have excuses to buy tools.  I've gotten more tools out of this project than I could have imagined...  Lots of new 18v (Bosch -- my main tools) and 24v (being discontinued Kobalt) cordless everthings, compressor, and a bunch of stuff I can't remember at the moment.


Some things like the Amazon bought hydraulic  rebar bender and cutter I'll sell again as they're not overly useful to my normal life.

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On 9/15/2022 at 3:12 PM, chadbag said:





Nice progress! What's this weird thing, this guy's wearing?

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5 hours ago, gavino200 said:


Nice progress! What's this weird thing, this guy's wearing?


Hard hat with wide brim with a sun screen hanging off the brim. Also helps remove excess energy from any gravel that happens to hit him in that area...



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My son and I, last week, and then the rest of the family on the weekend finished tying rebar and also put down the steel reinforcement mesh and the little black plastic "rebar chairs" to raise it all off the foam. The wife and I finished the last of the chair placement Saturday night at 12:30am. My son started Saturday around 12:30 and I went up about 1pm -- had a hard time getting my engine going Saturday. Only a short break to get my staple gun and my replacement foam gun (and eat a 5 min lunch) around 3pm, and then an hour long dinner break around 8:30pm, I was working on it that late.  Wife and daughter helped in the afternoon on Saturday and the wife came back in the evening and then late at night. Son was there the whole time until around 8pm when he had an engagement.

This morning I went up at 6:35am and the pump trick was already there as were about 7 trucks and cars with the concrete workers and the owner/boss of the company. They set up and I watched and answered questions (and had to cut some foam wrap around 2 drain pipes so that some "tubes" could slide down to the metal mesh) for almost an hour and then left to go to some work meetings and get out of their way. An hour ago I went back up and the pump truck was just finishing up getting cleaned up and put away and the concrete crew were doing finish work on the finished slab...

The pumper pics are setting up and taking down. The pic with the foam and mesh is from last Friday or Saturday before we finished laying all the mesh and "chairs" out.



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