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Toget (1977)


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Found this little gem on YouTube:



A short comedy film made in 1977 all set onboard a Norwegian train.

Language is Norwegian and there are no subtitles, however there is little to no dialogue, so it's easily understandable even to non-speakers.


The locomotive primarily fetaured in this film is an EL11 class with 4-section windows, altough there are some shots of the relatively more modern EL13s and EL14s as well.


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Ha ha!


Very Monty Python-esque I think.  In Norwegian...  In fact, the railroad director guy who gave the smoker his card looked like John Cleese.


Even though it was Norway, and not Germany, and I've only ridden trains twice in Norway, in 1990 (once going into Oslo from Copenhagen and once leaving Oslo to Stockholm), the passenger cars reminded me of riding older DB trains in the mid-80s.  Same sort of compartment and open seating cars, etc.


With my German, and my limited Swedish, I was able to understand some of the dialog to a certain degree, regardless of the obvious film context that helped you understand it anyway...


Thanks for posting.  It was fun!

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