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Comparison between Kato and Tomix Kiha20/25/Kihayuni 26


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7 minutes ago, Kiha66 said:

Hobby search is your friend, they often have good photos even of out of stock models.  Having owned kato 40 series and tomix 20 series, I can safely say that the tomix one is the clear winner in both detail and running.






the tomix one are already equipped with lights and TN couplers??

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^^ well i Guess tomix is the way then i'll think i'll buy the 2pcs kiha 25 or the 52's 🙂 


thanks for the tip

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1 hour ago, Kiha66 said:

Yep!  Head and tail lights, and TN couplers.  They're very nice units.

by the way do youown both of these units by any chance????


also how does it fair to the katos later releases?

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I own the tomix kihayuni 25 and 16, as well as a pair of kiha 16s.  I'd say the detail on the tomix units are generally better than even current kato units.  I like the fact the roof vents are all separate pieces.  


Most of my DMUs are tomix models.  I will get the kato model if it's DCC ready or to run with an existing kato set I already have.  My kiha 81/82s and 181 are Kato (dcc ready) while my kiha 20/40/58s are all tomix.  

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^^ thanks for the feedback I noticed that as well mostly on the HG tomix most the pieces are seperated making it more appealing 🙂

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Most single-car (HG) DMUs by Tomix are very good products, and imo the best in their categories. Which might be a reason why Kato hasn't produced a KiHa 40 in a while. I would be interested to hear how their most recent KiHa 58/28 compares with Tomix's, as I always felt that Tomix could perhaps improve their mold slightly.

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true I have the 485 HG as well i was blown away by the details and operation

watched some of the videos on youtube previously it seems kato is stepping up the game.  I still have the Old tomix 28 model very old(no lights rapido couplers)

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The Kato 20-series units are ancient tooling, think they're aiming them at the same audience as the Kokuden 103s now. The motors will be decent but the detailing is extremely crude by modern standards.


Their KiHa 52 isn't bad, but my opinion may be at least partly down to having acquired some silly cheap (£20 for a pair of powered and dummy KiHa 52s in minty condition...). Runs well, head/tail lights have switches for running in multiple, detailing is standard late 90s Kato.

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