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Where’s the @#$&! Xacto knife!


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Xacto knives are like pencils, they are never right there when you need them. To combat this I’ve taken to trying to saturate the work environments with them! Of course mr Murphy fights against this but it sort of works. A very inexpensive alternative to a regular hobby knife (which can be over $5 for a name brand) are microblading handles (for tattooing things like fake eyebrows). Basically same thing as a regular xacto knife handle, but you can pick them up for under a dollar on ebay or aliexpress. Of course some places with import duty’s will drive this up unfortunately. But I have a number of different blades as well as gluing tips and micro spudgers that it’s great to keep in handles and not loose the various tips and just grab as needed.




contoured handles




smaller end ones for things like micro scalpel blades




double ended ones



just search around with microblading.





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You can't win. The more you buy, the more they melt like candy.  🙂


You really trust Aliexpress.com ?????


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I think its the garden nomes coming in at night screwing with me for letting the garden goji loose on them.


yes ive had all my aliexpress orders come, quite a few dozen and none have gone poof. the only issue i have had with them was when the one highrise model was shipped by the seller only wrapped in bubble wrap. their refund system totally sucks and you cant talk to anyone. lesson learned. but for odd little bits its now the most inexpensive for bits and bobs, electronic bits etc, especially if you are buying a few in quantity. its also good for hardware bits like handles, hinges, clasps, etc that can get pricy elsewhere especially when a project needs a number of them.


i do keep track of the order and would be ready to start the complaint with aliexpress or if need be do a cc hold on it. but so far for small non breakable bits its worked well.



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Do the normal size ones hold a #11 blade in firmly enough?


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Yep pretty much exactly the same as a standard hobby knife handle collet mech. Some have a single slot and others have crossed slots in the collet.





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