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Vegetable Traffic

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One of the freight cars I recently purchased was the Tomix 2737 TSUMU 1000 ventilated boxcar. My understanding from poking around Japanese Wikipedia is that these cars were used for shipping vegetables and disappeared in the 1980’s once vegetable transport shifted to trucks.


Does anyone know more about vegetable traffic in Japan or some good resources on it? Is there any chance that vegetables might have shipped in winter?

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I realized that asking whether vegetables get shipped in winter is a bit silly 🙃.


I think that I often ask questions here (i.e Japanese vegetable traffic) that are not easy to answer. 

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bikkuri bahn

It is quite possible that winter vegetables are shipped from warm places such as southern Kyushu to markets in Kansai and Kanto, and that the aforementioned ventilated boxcars were used (as long as temps didn't drop below freezing). Certainly mandarin oranges (from various regions in Japan) are shipped during the winter season.  

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