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Coupler Tinkering - Rapido pocket knuckle coupler bible-ish


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On 5/23/2021 at 11:49 PM, disturbman said:

Greenmax doesn't sell boggie-mounted Shibata couplers, as far as I know only Kato have these. I have some but the issue you mentioned spoils a bit the fun. I had trouble inserting them in some coupler pockets.


Tomix 0381/0382?



Tomix 103 series coupling replacements by Rail Squid, on Flickr


Top: Kato 11-703

Bottom: Tomix 0382

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I have fitted all of my Tomix KoKi's with the 0393 TN's and the Kato KoKi's with the 11-707 close couplers, looks wise I prefer the TN's but when it comes to ease of fitting and use the Kato 11-707's are better, that said if you do hit an uneven section of track the Kato couplings can uncouple and you have stray wagons, something you will not have happen to the TN's as they stay stuck together, I will admit fitting the TN's can be rather tedious as you try and keep the spring in whilst trying to fit the coupler and clip the retaining plate back into position at the same time.

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So, after a lot of "convincing" of the superiority of "not-arnold-rapido" couplers, I too went down the rabbit hole of coupler changing. Judging by this topic here I went with Greenmax 8055/8056 Black/Grey short ones, as they seemed to me as the perfect in-beetween of reliability (do not uncouple random due to being fixed) and looks.

I fittet my Koki's, my new Kato Wamu's and my Kato Tora's with them.

I spare you pictures of the Koki's, they are identical to what @disturbman posted, but as some might still be in the process of deciding to get the new Kato Wamu's, figured might be an interest enough headsup to post.

Kato Wamus fit well with the short couplers, I ran them for test on the smallest curve I had available, Kato R183, wich are shown on the pictures.

Kato Tora's are a different topic, these are not really meant for the short couplers. As you can see, the space beetween is insanely sqeezed, I will at a later time exchange these for medium ones.

As a short note to these trying to fit them on Tomix coupler pockets. After some struggle of getting the spring back in, I found that leaving a bit of the sprue on the coupler as a guidance rod for the spring helps massively to speed the process!










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So in my absence I have been swapping out rapidos for better looking alternatives but seeing as I have more kokis than than I care to admit from both Tomix and Kato, does the Greemax coupler work in both of their pockets and with the Kato or Tomix locomotives? I don't care about automatic uncoupling or whatever. Takis are going to be a pain since the Tomix coupler looks good but doesn't play with Kato/MA cars.


Also what couplers do Kato wamus and yos take?

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