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Kato - Faller


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Faller imported and distributed by Kato. Been around for a few years.  Appears to be used at Kato Hobby Center.



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Kato sells a number of foreign hobby products under their name in Japan.  Most notably the scenery supplies line which are rebranded Woodland Scenics, but a number of structures and details are kato badged Heljan or Faller products. 

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Faller also makes some of the Alpine buildings that Kato have been distributing for their range of Alpine trains.

Faller still list Tomytec but also Hasegawa on their partner/distribution brands.

Some of the Kato HO figures are made by Noch although they are slightly under scale for 1:80 as they’re made for true HO, 1:87. Noch list Kato, Rokuhan and Athearn as their partner brands.

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On 4/22/2021 at 6:55 AM, gavino200 said:

I noticed this product while browsing at HS. It's branded Kato - Faller. Really, it looks more Faller to me. Is this a new joint venture? Or just Kato selling Faller products in Japan under their name? Anyone seen this before?






In the meantime I've taken a closer look (as I may need another set), and FWIW the Kato-branded version includes signage for Japanese shops etc., in place of the German ones in the pure Faller product.


Couple of videos:




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For anyone measuring, one set of 3 arches is 203mm.


Meanwhile it seems the "classic" version has either been replaced or augmented by this set:




which is the same basic shape, but includes a more expansive "Infill" compared to the classic version, which is annoyingly much more prototypical for my needs, hence the acquisition. Note the Tomytec Berlin tram; also note this particular scenic arrangement is not prototypical for Berlin.



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And inside the box we have:




The packaging implies there are only 3 sets of arch "inserts", but there are actually 4. There are however only 3 "background" pictures, but they're so ridiculously out of proportion they look silly even in the example on the package, but I wasn't planning to use those anyway.

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