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DD51 delivering fuel after earthquake

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i follow NHK on FB  they had a vid of the train bringing  fuel after the earthquake, to a cut off town, DD51s an in the ending a De10 as a helper loco,  I had no idea that the DD51 is retired??   Its a great vid!  just goes to show nothing is impossible!!    Some day i will figure out how to share vids!!   I was very impressed with the work they did in such a short time,  



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  • cteno4 changed the title to DD51 delivering fuel after earthquake

You have to admire the Japanese ........

They made an emergency crisis both a recovery effort and real time training event. Utilizing both demographic

that typically have a useless sense of contribution and made them a key element to the recovery......


The team was made up of engineers nearing retirement and relative beginners. But they came together to tackle a host of problems.



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Just a note, this was about a fuel movement back in 2011.  It was not a recent event.  Looks like an interesting video though.

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