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Digitrax DS64 and JMRI


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Hi all,


I am having an interesting issue. I have a Digitrax Zephyr Express (DCS52) as my DCC controller. I have just finished installing and troubleshooting 2 DS64 turnout decoders.


Now when I operate the switches with the DCS52's switch mode, the points all work as they should.


The issues start arising when I attempt to use JMRI to operate the switches. I can add the switches to the roster with no issue but once I start to actually try and throw them things go a bit haywire. The first few throws are ok, and then the throw/closed button starts to flicker at high speed between the two and I lose control of everything. To clear everything I need to unplug the USB from my computer (the points then just all start randomly switching.) and power cycle the controller and the 2 DS64's.


I have factory reset everything and also reinstalled JMRI on my computer (I am using a Surface Pro 7 tablet). I can not find any information on anyone else having similar issues so I am hoping someone here with more knowledge might be able to suggest something for me.


Thanks in Advance.

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" The first few throws are ok,"


Check the Power supply. The DS64 works best with the DC powers from Digitrax. You ideally want 1 power supply for each DS64. This allows for

adequate current for the switches. Using track power can induce problems as power drops can occur the farther you move from feeders.




The Loconet cables could be causing problems.


Open Loconet Monitor and watch the message the goes on.




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Although my power supply is not digitrax, it is the equivalent and has more than enough output to power the 2 DS64's. However I will get another one and try powering them separately. 


My loconet cables are home made but I have a tester to ensure they are all working and properly wired for Loconet. I will try and make a new batch and see if that makes a difference.


Can I please ask how I would check the loconet monitor? Is it software on the computer or is it a part of the DCS52?


Thanks for your help.

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You open it up in Panel Pro. Click start logging and it will display all the Loconet messages.


If your DS64 is throwing switches its either by command or noise. Commands will show up

as messages noise typically will not.



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I had some wierd things too when i started using the DS64 with JMRI. One thing to remember is that track power needs to be ON when using JMRI.

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Well the first thing I did was to connect the power to a piece of track, place a train and it all seems to be working correctly now. I used the loconet monitor and it seemed to be all OK there too. 


My set up is a bit dodgy at the moment as I am setting up just points first to try and learn as I go. Then will come trying to work out blocks to set up detection and eventually automatic station stops and operation. I am a slow learner so doing it bit by bit helps me understand better.


I will still look into adding additional power to the DS64's to ensure all runs smoothly. 


Thank you for all your help! I really appreciate it.

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