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Kintetsu Railway plans to haul industrial items on express trains

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Nothing new. Passenger trains used to carry newspapers in Tokyo. Kintetsu used to have fresh fish trains until the traffic declined too much due to changing habits.


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Interesting bringing back shipping goods in excess trains/cars again with reduced passenger traffic.



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Some examples of freight on passenger trains.


Fresh fish on the Tohoku Shinkansen, August 2020.  Video by Asahi Shimbun





From 2014.     Newspaper transport baggage train that still remains E231 series bound for Kuroiso.  Video by Troublewindow2E235.


The last dedicated newspaper train was in 2009 on the Sobu Rapid Line.  Video by Den-Kichi Train Lover Channel.



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could luggage/mail cars and dedicated compartments be making a comeback?


the perspective might be mighty interesting.

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