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What did you fix today?!


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Other half is fixed:



roco-v188-001_23266_07 by Rail Squid, on Flickr



roco-v188-001_23266_08 by Rail Squid, on Flickr


Unfortunately one of the internal gears in this rather colourful and adventurous gear train:



roco-v188-001_23266_06 by Rail Squid, on Flickr


binds occasionally with its neighbours for some reason, so I had to remove it, reducing the number of driven axles to 3.


Interesting mechanism, basically two motorized 4-axle locos (Do-Do wheel arrangement) joined together electrically *and* mechanically, with all axles driven and with pickups (via the rims), runs... very well.

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So I am enjoying the first day of my week off from work... a new Märklin wagon arrives on my doorstep... and some bits had broken off in-transit despite the seller’s best packing efforts. Oh well, time for a trip into the (not quite socially-distanced) metropolis to get something to fix that:




Most of what you see here was already in my hobby arsenal, but I decided that rather than messing around with my Humbrol poly cement, to take @Kamome‘s recommendation from his Adventures in H0 thread and get some Tamiya Multipurpose Cement. I can’t say I regret it, the stuff’s fantastic. It fixed a broken hoop for the optional stakes, got the wagon deck glued down with a little help from some extra hands (a pair of Christmas present spring clips) and then went on to do the same with the schnapps distillery where a pipe had broken off. I couldn’t use the clips there, so I dug out some of my old varsity Blu-Tack which did the trick while the glue went off.

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i'm fixing my old kato Kiha 20 today


does this models originally comes in 5 pole motor?

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Not today, but in the last three weeks or so...


A Minitrix Br.111 sold as non running for £30. On arrival it appeared unused, the blackening on the tyres was unworn. Lights came on but motor wouldn't turn.


Removed the bogies (slide the pins out and catch the large gear directly below the worm drive). Found the factory oil/grease had set like concrete! A good squirt of WD40 Contact Cleaner (plastic safe, some other contact cleaners aren't so read the label) and gently rocking the wheels back and forth saw them spinning freely within a minute or so, followed by allowing them to dry and applying fresh oil. Reassembled and it runs perfectly.


Incidentally, if you have a Minitrix loco which runs backwards compared to the rest of your fleet then try swapping the bogies around. The pickups are handed unlike Kato or Tomix. The exploded diagram wasn't terribly helpful there, or on which way the body is supposed to fit onto the chassis. A decent prototype photo cleared that one up.

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Posted (edited)

Bought a few second-hand passenger coaches from someone who made the decision to switch to HO.


Two of them were 15 years old and needed a nice look into them.

I passed some cotton on the roofs to remove dirt and other debris.

Fixed the position of the coil spring of one of the couplers, that looked loose.

Popped all the axles out and checked the sockets for wear.

Cleaned all the wheels of their crud.

One of the axles dropped one of the wheels as soon as I took it off, so I had to fix it.

Once that was done, I lubricated the axle sockets and snapped the axles back in place.






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Love the n scale wheel set in a full sized loco shop! 


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I had the nwsl one long time ago but it’s gone missing, I have a vague memory of lending it to someone. Need to make a checkout list, this happens all the time, but that seems way too formal.


i just ordered one of yours off ebay. I I’ve been making due with watch band one I had modified a bit to accept wheels for regauging.



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