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Top 20 best station view by JPRail

JR 500系

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I really am enjoying his web site.  Since I cannot travel to Japan in real life, I have been doing a lot of video travels.  His web site, NHK's On Demand web site with its larger collection of travel and train videos and a few others are getting heavy play on my laptop.


Tony Galiani

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He left out Omisaki Sation on the Shimabara Railway!

From the Nagasaki tourist guide:

"Omisaki Station is one of the stations along the Shimabara Railway line. This station is also known as "Japan's closest station to the sea". During high tide, the Ariake Sea is only a few steps away from the platform! A popular thing to do at this little station is to purchase a yellow handkerchief from the "Gacha Gacha" capsule vending machine. It is a custom to write a wish or a message to your loved ones on the yellow handkerchief, and then hang it at the designated area on the platform. The yellow handkerchief with the ocean view backdrop makes it a very picturesque scenery for photography enthusiasts."

I saw this in NHK Train Cruise Episode 19 and have been thinking about modelling it for some (along with 30 or so other modeling project ideas ...).

I suppose a lot of people will comment about their favorite stations.  Enjoyable video nevertheless.


Tony Galiani

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