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Blogs and websites from the Inspirational Layouts thread

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The inspirational Layouts thread is one of my favorites here. I love to look through the various blogs for ideas and techniques. But I find it difficult to browse as the links are spread out over a long conversation and many of the links are dead. I'm collecting here all of the blogs featured in the thread that are still viewable. 


For now they're organized into two sections. One for blogs with production logs. The other for blogs with scenery only but no production. There may be some that are incorrectly classified as I easily could have missed a link to a production log. 


Later I may classify them further. Urban, rural, modern, old, etc. If you know of any other blogs, please post and I'll add them to the list. 


Blogs with production logs

http://shochans.jp/  small modules with good production logs

http://www.kinet-tv.ne.jp/~psy_sai/  good but limited number of entries

http://yamashiro.shumilog.com/  picture links on old entries are dead


https://enosima.exblog.jp/   This is an interesting blog. The artist seems teach model building in some community centers. His articles are very educationally styled. The logic of the blog is a bit difficult to grasp. The best way to view it is to  go to the index on this page (following link) and just go through the articles all the way from 2005 - 2013. There are more exquisite examples of modeling out there, but the "how to" element of this blog is second to none. https://enosima.exblog.jp/m1900-01-01/


https://bontetsu.exblog.jp/i4/   High quality scratch-building. Great ideas. Technique pictures given in production logs.


http://rintetsu.cocolog-nifty.com/ great logs, links on some pages are dead

http://www.ta-kky.com/lrm/  good scenery making logs.

https://hamamatu-tetu.blog.ss-blog.jp/  good scratch-build logs

https://42180442.at.webry.info/201408/article_4.html  excellent roadways and scenery

https://sakurayamalr.at.webry.info/  same artist as above

http://1500masa.blog111.fc2.com/blog-entry-54.html  excellent scenery and foamwork

https://mdenarea.exblog.jp/10270557/  small layout with road embedded tram

https://tanu-kids.main.jp/models/railroad/n2/sub1.html   some layout builds with full production

http://kunnpuu238.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-180.html  historic layout with good scratch-building

http://blog.livedoor.jp/ue_r/archives/2016-07-18.html  multiple tiny ultra-realistic dioramas with full production

https://ameblo.jp/nari-nori2837/entry-11451099657.html   small layout with full production

https://lofthonsen.muragon.com/entry/153.html  Great LED and electronics discussions

http://www.chamioka.jp/rail/model_00.html   full production detail of a small layout

http://kusatan2001.jugem.jp/?eid=1162   Great layout planning and scene-building discussions


https://shin-yukari.weebly.com/   Technically advanced, very sharp looking layout. Lots of great ideas. The production logs are very rudimentary. Very much not a detailed "how to". Includes some of the best building interior detailing there is. 


https://oermodel.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-148.html Excellent scratch-building



Blogs with great scenes but no production logs













http://www1.u-netsurf.ne.jp/~takomaro/nTrain2/indexTrain.html small layout with imaginative scenes



Blogs from other sources

http://tokyo-in-nscale.blogspot.com/  As good as any Japanese site I've seen. Full of creative ideas and clear descriptions




I'm also including this useful list of Japanese search terms provided by Densha in the Inspirational Layouts thread.


General search terms could be:

鉄道模型 モジュール (Railway model layout)

モジュール レイアウト (Module layout)

Nゲージ モジュール (N gauge module)

路面電車 モジュール (Tram module)

地下鉄 モジュール (Subway module)

軽便鉄道 モジュール (Narrow gauge railway module)









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