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Amtrak Viewliner II


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Does anyone know if there is an N scale model of Amtrak Viewliner diner? I am looking at the Kato Amfleet and Viewliner page and they only seem to make a Viewliner I sleeper and Viewliner II baggage cars. I am looking at the consists for some of the long distance trains on the eastcoast and they do seem to have a diner car.

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Con Cor models was the go to in N scale coaches before kato came along.  That said their products are very much a product of the 1980s/90s so don't expect anything amazing from them.  Their trucks were terrible but luckily microtrains trucks are drop in replacements and with that upgrade some of their coaches are very nice.   I think they've started selling some now with the upgrade already done.  They tend to make acceptable stand ins until kato finally comes out with the coach.


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