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Happy Holidays


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it s been a rough year for us all and one that will always be remembered,albeit for all the wrong reasons.

At least we had the distraction of our hobby to keep us going.

just wanted to wish you all a merry Xmas and happy new year,here s hoping it’s a damm site better than the present one.

Stay safe everyone,

all the very best,



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Yes happy holidays and a gracious New Years to us all. Things will get better here, just have to hang on and get thru this all, we will.


best wishes,



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Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Thank goodness for my trains and other hobbies, it definitely got me through some challenging times.

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I'm working through until New Year's Eve, so I'm just a bit envious of anyone who's spending time with their loved ones. But that's okay, I've got time off work in January.

So all the best for Christmas and the New Year to all my forum friends! 👍



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8 hours ago, gavino200 said:

Wow, you actually own a railsquid!! Beautiful scene! 


The existence of such a vehicle was pointed out to me some years ago by the fine folks of this very forum 😄 I don't go in much for painted trains, but made an exception for this one.


18 minutes ago, serotta1972 said:

Love the scale decorations on the tree.  Didn't realize squids had claws, oh those are the couplers. 🙂


The tentacles and suckers of squid come in many shapes and sizes. Some suckers look and act like a suction cup, while others have evolved into pointed hooks that dig into prey.


The decorations are made from coloured cotton thread soaked in a PVA/water mix then sprinkled with makeup glitter, which is very tiny but was still turning up in odd places months after I made the things.

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On 12/25/2020 at 2:54 AM, miyakoji said:

JR Central, Eri Fukatsu, and Tatsuro Yamashita also want you to have a happy holiday



Hard to decide which is more beautiful - the 100 series or Ms. Fukatsu. 😍





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Merry Christmas all. I hope you all had a great day (and maybe got some additions to the collection). Isn't my wife tolerant of my nerd hobbies? 😬





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4 hours ago, Grant_T said:

Merry Christmas all. I hope you all had a great day (and maybe got some additions to the collection). Isn't my wife tolerant of my nerd hobbies? 😬

My partner is tolerant and encouraging but I think we will successfully tackle climate change before she ever buys me anything hobby related. That or she thinks I have already too many sets 😁

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nothing to do with trains but thought I d share this.

So at 61 years of age I did a rather immature thing on my last day in work😂😂😂and have been advised to share it!😂😂

As previously mentioned this has been a tough year all over the world,I work in the aircraft manufacturing sector and we were hit pretty hard and lost a total of almost 1500 jobs,that said,so far it has all been voluntary. The situation is still a bit grim and people are worried so I decided on my last day to give them all a Laugh.

I expected to be asked to remove my attire for the day,just the opposite,I was congratulated by everyone including management for trying to raise the spirit within our dept,so I set off all around the department with a stocking full of chocolate bars wishing everyone a merry Xmas,dressed as SANTA!!😂😂





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That's an excellent way to brighten up everyone's day, especially more so in this gloomy period! Nice on you Paul! Merry Christmas buddy! 

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