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Actually the daily dose is all classics. But he is brewing some new stuff, few offerings there on the new stuff page. His new little political one (he rarely went that way) is precious and simple and in perfect keeping with his love of museums. I miss the far side a lot, but I have the full collection and will at times just pull out a volume and spend 30 minutes snickering. The daily dose is also a really nice little treat every day, especially after skimming the news feeds...


I put a far side as the chapter pages in my dissertation. It’s a total copyright violation, but one I thought Larson would be behind the idea and if Berkeley were to bounce it for having copyrighted material in it, who cares... it was such a part of grad school and so many of his science ones hit home so sweetly to us. The one where the doctor is telling the patient “I’m afraid you have cows” and the patient has little cow head popping out all over him hit really close to home for me as my dissertation was on Bovine Papilloma Virus DNA replication control and the joke around the department was always that I would start sprouting big cow warts at some point! Almost like he heard the jokes... too funny. Of course it’s right behind the title page. I went off just after grad school to work on some humpback whale research which was a side thing in grad school so the last page had to be the one of the whale under the research boat singing into the hydrophone “Louie, Louie, oh we gotta go now!”, just perfect way to close out the dissertation and move on!



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