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Keio Teito Bus conductor training film from the mid-60s


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Found this nice video on Youtube. It explains the duties of the now long-gone bus conductors, including operation of the only manual door of the bus, fare collection, lost-and-found, parking and even the complex procedure employed at level crossings.


The company fetaured is Keio Teito Bus (a subsidiary of Keio Railway), and the busses appear to be Mitsubishi MR510s.

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I was able to experience the tail end of the bus conductor era, riding Keikyu buses (both in the silver, red and blue livery as well as the white and red one) on routes out of Kamakura Station in the late 1970's.  I especially recall the conductors calling out the bus stops in their unique voices, as well as the leather satchels/purses they carried containing fares and the kaisuken they sold to passengers.  I believe the fare was 40 yen a ride at the time. 

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