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Meito Express Train Jelly

Yugamu Tsuki

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I just picked up one of those build things out of candy sets to see if its something I could do with my nephews. It was pretty easy, just needed to fridge for 30 mins so I think I'll pick some up next time I go see them. I got the N700A Nozomi. I wonder what other types of train candy there is in Japan.





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Kind of like a gritty jello. The Nozomi flavor is grape but there is melon and orange flavor too. You don't know which background or shinkansen you get until you open the package.

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16 minutes ago, cteno4 said:

Was just thinking of other uses for the mould. There are some cute sushi rice moulds on ebay.



Hey now, that's dangerous thinking there. Can I really have a need for Shinkansen ice cubes in my whiskey?

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That's pretty neat! Japan just has all the really fun stuff! Imagine wowzers of the party goers with these in their cups! (too bad parties are on hold for now....  😞

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