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Hello from Spain!


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Hello, I'm Sr.Horn from Spain. Usually I'm active on Skyscrapercity forum (JP/ES transportation sections) but I love model trains and that's the reason I'm here now.


Starting young in HO scale model, and after a long stop, in once of my visits to Japan I've decided to buy some Kato N scale stuff. Now I'm thinking in a small layout but I've no idea where to start.


My first step is to buy a KATO transformer and a piece of track feeder. Actually I'm using and old Jouef transformer making a weird connection.





What websites do you recommend me to buy products that work without problems in EU?  


Thanks in advance!



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Welcome Sr. Horn, glad you found us. 

as Yavianice mentioned we have a whole forum with discussions on suppliers. The good news is for the most part there are some great supplier in japan for export worldwide. With covid shipping is a bit more limited and expensive for now, but not totally crazy. DHL has been the most stable out of japan thru all this and actually works out well for larger, denser orders as it’s costed by volume not weight. The old standbys are hobbysearch (big shop, good service, decent prices and huge website and basically the catalog of a lot of the stuff out there as well as past out of production stuff), modeltrainplus (small shop, personal service), amiami (bigger shop, good prices, but not so personal service), Rail Gallery Rokko (small shop, more personal service), and even amazon.co.jp. A number of others as well you can see in the suppliers forums.


keep us posted on your layout and purchases! 




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Bienvenido! Hope you'll enjoy your time with us.

I haven't been on SSC for a while. I always found the atmosphere in the French sub-forum off-putting.

Edit: And I don't think I'll go back to SSC soon. That new layout is not for me.

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So few of us japanese model fans in Spain! In fact I have my japanese trains a bit abandoned, going the spanish and italian side at the moment. But I still like to run some of my japanese trains from time to time


Hope you have fun here

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Thanks to all! Gracias!


As Hokutosei said, there's a few japanese model fans in Spain. I think because the old age of most of railfans. They prefer some Spanish or european-theme collection, but little by little we are more that are looking for japanese brands.


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Hola Sr. Horn


I'm also from Spain and I'm basically into Japanese trains. Not many interest in Spanish ones, except a couple of them (including the desired UT440). 



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