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Hobby Room Layout


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So after some moving to a new flat together with my gf, i have finally time (and money for a viaduct track) to make a new layout.

Also i bought a UWT-100 throttle, so much new stuff. The viaduct is seperate from the rest of the layout, maybe i upgrade the single tracks to double tracks at the end of the viaduct. 

Today was the first day i did let some train have fun on the tracks and the first time the throttle did work flawless after i updated the 3 years old JMRI.

So have some pics, more will likely come over the next months until i have an idea for a new one 😛



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Totally forgot about that, 4 months ago my D51-200 could finally move on track with sound 😄

The tender was "modified" so the decoder with speaker had enough room, i simply swapped the top with an assy part of the D51 model.

And of course there is a video:



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Did some little photoshooting, got some new station parts and buildings. Really nice to see the scenery grow.







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