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Trains of Indonesia


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I guess I can't find a thread to moan. 


I'm a bit sad right now... They changed the livery of the Commuter line. It was the signature yellow and red livery post PERUMKA when it changed into KRL (Indonesia Commuterline) Regardless of the lines they have the signature livery like this, and it really sets it different.




*Sigh* Now they decided to change the livery to all red lining. ALL RED! Bish this looks like the Marunouchi or the Keiyo Line. It's missing that signature 2 dollar Tangerang-Jakarta ticket feel yknow. I'm sad....


I hope they decide to color code the commuters based on the lines, because I'll be even more pissed off if they make everything red lining..


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Facilitates minimal repainting of redundant units taken off the Musashino Line. As many here are aware, the Musashino Line has long served as JR East's repository of older stock that has been cascaded from busier trunk lines in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

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