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Japanese Entryway Curtains

Tony Galiani

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I have been watching quite a view travel videos and keep noticing curtains that are placed at head height at the entry to many shops and some interior rooms.  They even show up in anime movies - they are at the kitchen in My Neighbor, The Yamadas.  I cannot quite figure out the reason for placing them since they block a view of the interior but only  partially.  Just curious but I have been puzzling about this for a while.


Tony Galiani

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those are Noren, small curtains in doorways. Originally to help keep dust and rain out w.o full door and a light visual block on a doorway w.o a solid door. Many shops and restaurants now have shortened them on the entry ways and have their business Name and type characters on them. sort of a business sign now right at the doorway or along the whole front of a small shop At doorway level.

They are on many small shops! 




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