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1 Year Ago I was In Japan. RWC2019

Kanpai Keith

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This time last year we where in Japan for a month having bagged tickets to all of England’s group games.


2.5h taxi ride to Heathrow, a couple of hours in the lounge, 13h flight to Tokyo 2h flight to Sapporo, a few hours spent sorting out SIM cards, getting to central Sapporo and Overcoming the language barrier with a taxi driver to get us to our AirBnB.  Luggage dropped them out for a few beers and some food.


Sat next to a couple of friendly local lads one of which was celebrating his birthday.  Needless to say we ramped up the celebrations.












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2 hours ago, Yugamu Tsuki said:

I bet Sapporo was beautiful this time of year. Were the trees changing color yet?

Unfortunately there wasn’t much autumn colour around.  It was very warm.

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