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This is the end...


Who is the Party King?  

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  1. 1. Who is the Party King?

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Quick update to tell you, for those who didn't pay attention, that this Project Party has come to its natural end. No need to be sad, it was time. This Party had a long and joyfull life. It will forever lives in our heart and memory. Plus the doctors told me they can't do anything else, keeping it alive now will be pure Party cruelty.


Anyway, the fiesta is not completely finished and votes will soon be held to elect the Kaiser Party but first, ours trully awaits the last pairs of missing updates.


I'd like to thanks all the participants for their efforts, it was really fun and I hope you had a good time. I know I did. I'd also like to thanks all the readers for them reading, it was nice having you here... lurking. Please come again.  :grin


If someone wants to add something, say hello or leave a comment, feel free to do so and be my guest.

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It was a lot of fun and productive. I how have a diorama to display and/or photograph my trains. I also like seeing what other members were doing and learning from their techniques.  :thumbsup:

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The votes are now open. Please proceed to a both and elect the project you like the most or find the most appealing/complete/succesfull/beautifull/whatever. The poll will be open for 14 days and you can check the projects here:



I remind you that the elected King of the Party will receive a little something funded by the forum.

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Mudkip Orange

I voted for serenity's project, mainly because of the quality of his scratchbuilding performance.

yo dawg, it's not anonymous if everyone says who they voted for!
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I voted for serenity's project, mainly because of the quality of his scratchbuilding performance.

yo dawg, it's not anonymous if everyone says who they voted for!


I should be anonymous.

In my mind we were all winners. The objective as I see it, was for members to gain knowledge in model building and we all got that from observing what was being made. There were many different techniques/methods used throughout this Party and we can all apply that information to future individual projects if we so desire.  :thumbsup:

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Of course we are all winners. I'm proud of what I did and I really don't care about the "prize" and, Bernard, I really liked your comitment and what you were able to achieved.


I didn't think about this being anonymous. For me its the same.

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After so maaaany time and suspense, we now have a Party King. He is new! He is briliant (and maybe a bit too shiny*)! And we all loved watch him work, sweat, roll his muscles and... Erm. Sorry, getting out of line here. So please welcome ...drum roll... serenityFan!!!


:icon_king: serenity :icon_king: serenity :icon_king: serenity :icon_king: serenity :icon_king: serenity :icon_king: serenity :icon_king: serenity


He did a great job and that's well deserved. And before I put my official appearance to an end for tonight I'd like to thanks Bernard for his support and commitment. He was a great asset in this Party.


Cheers to all of you!


* French joke not sold separatelly.

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And now, on a more personnal note... who is the very kind, charitable and open minded nut job that choosed to vote for me?  :cheesy


To say the least, I was totally taken by surprise. That's very sweet, thanks a lot. :)

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Woohoo, thanks everyone.. this is indeed shiny!  :grin :grin

As I said before, had heaps of fun during the party, we should definitely have more parties next year.


And thanks to Vincent for organising this shiny party.  :grin

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God these answers were quick!  :grin

Thanks guys!  :cool:


I too had fun and... I don't want to jinx anything but I can tell you that the team is allready scheming the next party. More on that topic soon. :)

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I vote for disturbman! :grin


This was last year's project part.  :laugh:  I've closed this thread to avoid further confusion.

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