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DCC advice - Z21 / Fleischmann?

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Hi guys,


I’ve been looking online for a few weeks at the Z21 DCC starter sets from Fleischmann with the WLANmaus (multimaus).


Does anyone here have any experience with this DCC system, and if so how is it for someone who’s new to DCC?



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I have been using the Z21 (black) for probably 5 years now. It’s a very nice DCC controller and it has never disappointed me. I purchased it when DCC was new to me, I liked the fact that it has many interfaces but I actually just use the R-Bus for feedback from block current sensors. Pay attention: the z21 (start) (the white model, with lowercase z) has only one output shared for the main and programming tracks. 
I didn’t buy the WLANmaus but I use their iPhone/iPad app, which is also very nice.

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For a budget priced version, take a look at the Digikeijs DR5000-ADJ.  It supports the Z21 protocol and ports as well as Loconet.  I use the Z21 WLANmaus with it as well as the Digitrax style WiThrottle compatible apps with an LNWI interface on the Loconet.


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