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Classified Rule Updates


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Hi all,


we updated the classified rules a little bit. These are just refinements for the classifieds that we review every year or two to make sure it’s functioning how we want it to. New ones are up on the main classified page.



summary of changes:

  • If you make a change in any of the sale information please make sure to update the original post and add a new post to call out the change just made. This will keep folks updated there have been changes in the listing while up.
  • Require all photos be uploaded pictures to the posts in classified listing (only your own photos). So please don’t use links or embeds from elsewhere or uploads to your gallery.
  • After an item is sold or traded We are requiring folks to keep all the content of the listing as is. It will then be locked by forum staff for archiving.
  • We are going to keep sold/traded item listings up for 1 year. This is to keep a record of the transaction here, let folks see what’s sold here, and allow folks to see if a seller has successfully sold in the past year
  • A while back we also lowered the post count to see and participate in the classifieds to 10 but still 50 posts until you can create a listing.




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