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RM Models now available online


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I don’t know since when, but RM Models and other Japan rail magazines are now available online from Fujisan (https://www.fujisan.co.jp/). I managed to subscribe. During the process there is a separate tab for foreign addresses (outside of Japan) and I could pay using my Visa credit card.

I can now read the magazine, either online from their web site, or from their iOS app.

It’s time to learn Japanese 😅

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This is a great find, I’m trying to navigate the app, but can’t work out how to create a login. Did you start on the web version before the app?

OK sorted that out now, just what I need, more distractions.

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I have subscribed to RM Models online (https://www.fujisan.co.jp/) one and a half years ago and I like it. I don't speak or read Japanese but using my phone I can translate the interesting parts. Some issues are more interesting than others, but they really focus on modeling railroads. they describe large layouts as well as small dioramas, it's really inspiring. This month (issue 318 available today) there are 20 pages of useful information about level crossings, including signals, with plenty of reference photos.



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It’s a pretty good magazine. There’s always a focal point and then they’ll show a number of ways to model with permanent or temporary set ups. My only issue with Japanese magazines is their price point. RM is about ¥1000 which is a lot but has nice photos and is printed on high quality paper. A good portion is advertising though Some other are really lovely quarterly type publications in the ¥2000+ price point which is hardback book money.

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I tend to buy the publications of RM Model, but I have purchased Japanese magazines before digitally to read in my iPad and some tend to skimp on pages that are featured in the actual publication.  Not sure if RM Model does this.


With that being said, I always get mine through Amazon JP, I add a magazine like RM Model when I get a train or a KATO or Tomix case so they are forced to put it in a bigger box.


As for the pricepoint, not too concerned as because I'm a long time Japanese magazine purchaser and back then, we had to go through Kinokuniya, Asahiya from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, etc. and they would charge the magazine + extra for what they paid to ship and their own shipping to you. 


I do get the Mooks as well, but mainly the annuals releases (ie. N Gauge compilation or diorama mooks).

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