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TOMIX N-S2-CL - Analysis

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Hi all,


Confinement has changed our lives in many ways. In my case, I started "youtubing", which I was not used to do, and given my fondness for Japanese trains, I came across several pleasant surprises, especially the week I was in quarantine, locked in my room, for possible COVID ( which in the end was not).


The world of the Japanese model railway is extraordinary because of the great hobby that exists in that country, and because the local manufacturers "throw" the rest with all kinds of trains and accessories that we are not used to in the old Europe.


Among them, I would like to highlight what for me is the "Holy Grail" of controllers. A complete train control table with sound from the TOMIX brand, in collaboration with the ROLAND brand. This is the reference N-S2-CL or 5521.


The controller has independent throttle and brake, electronically controlled to obtain accelerations and brakes according to the amount of acceleration or brake that you apply. It has 3 clocks that mark the consumption in mA, the speed and the pressure of the brake. The sound part is exceptional. As you accelerate and decelerate, the noise of the train changes accordingly. It has a station announcement, door closing, horn ... It modifies the sound by pressing a button to simulate the passage through a bridge, a tunnel, a level crossing or a change of track area.


It has sounds for 9 different types of trains, electric and diesel. Tunnel, bridge and level crossing sounds can be automated with sensors. There is a pedal for the train horn, and several potentiometers to adjust the console to the train we have connected (speed, current threshold ...). The volume of the train and the station are independent and it has 2 outputs for 2 circuits, although they cannot operate independently at the same time.


The controller was manufactured from 2002 to 2010 and was worth around € 1,100.


As it turns out, thanks to Mr. Internet, you can buy a second-hand one from any country (in my case, Spain) ... and I  couldn't resist. This week the device has arrived and it is incredible. I'm excited. It is practically new, the box is almost in mint condition. It even includes the original invoice and the carrier receipt.


Here you are a first video that I have made today of its operation:




I have to get more things from Japan, including a station sound box with camouflaged vibration speakers on the platforms, a station and a train with a WiFi camera, to be able to drive the train with the controller as if it were real.


I will also investigate about the "CL" system. I'm waiting a small oscilloscope from AliExpress, to be able to capture some signals and see how it works.



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The CL is probably one of two Tomix types I have seen described, with oscillosope images. One type they have used adds a steady DC voltage overlay on the width-modulated pulses, so the voltage never goes to 0 between the pulses. The other type simply sets a minimum pulse width. The levels in both can usually be adjusted by the user so that a particular train will actually stop, but its lights will stay on. We will hopefully see what you find this controller has...


Rich K.

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Can one get the same with the 5722 sound box plus the 5518 controller?

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13 hours ago, sandiway said:

Can one get the same with the 5722 sound box plus the 5518 controller?


No, 5722 is not doing train sounds 😞


And with 5518 you are not getting speed or brake pressure gauges. Only Amps and Volts

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