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19 hours ago, shiniji said:

I can't find words for it, that's perfectionism that you practice. my respect for this work.

I  follow this topic with pleasure. thats so inspiring ☺️


Hey Shinji, thank you for the support and welcome to the forum. There are definitely times when I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work I have taken on but reading positive comments likes yours really helps me feel it is going to be worth it in the end. 

Visible progress has been slow lately but hang tight there are a couple of milestones coming soon 😊

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I feel for you. I know that too well, in all the years I've been building model railroad layouts, I've often had my motivation and inspiration lost.

It usually helped me to continue on another project (which is good that I am currently building four model railroad layouts) or to look around in forums what others are doing and then, like in your Theard, the inspiration for me comes. I'm looking forward to how it goes on with your layout :D

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On 8/11/2021 at 2:19 PM, Kamome442 said:

Visible progress has been slow lately but hang tight there are a couple of milestones coming soon 😊


Hangin' tight and enjoying the progress. I think it's plenty fast. Quality like this shouldn't be rushed.

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On 8/13/2021 at 12:26 AM, gavino200 said:

Hangin' tight and enjoying the progress. I think it's plenty fast. Quality like this shouldn't be rushed.


Thanks gavino, glad you are enjoying the journey.


I haven't posted for a while however that is not to say there has not been any progress. Most of the things I have been working on such as finishing the bridges and the pavement have already been talked about. I have been doing a lot of sanding to get the boards joined and flush but even I could not bring myself to write about a sheet of sand paper. 


I do now have all 4 boards sanded and 3 of those have magnets and metal dowels fixed. I have a few more bits to tidy up this week on the board with track such as reinforcing the rails at the ends. Once this done it is time for some paint. I have picked out colours (with the help of people who can see colours properly) for the bricks, track, road, concrete etc. As long as it doesn't rain I will be able to get the primer done at the weekend. 


Pavement will be going down on the next two boards, once down and painted I can fix the bridges down and start laying more track.


I have also been working on the fiddle yard. The main problem has been the Keihin–Tōhoku Line tracks running either side of the Yamanote Lines. I don't want to have to build a flyover at each end of the fiddle yard. This is the current plan:



I need to allow for trains entering and leaving the fiddle-yard simultaneously on the Yamanote Line so I tried to factor in alternate routes. I haven't decided on the number of tracks for each line yet I just wanted to get a feel for how to lay everything out. 


I am also going to test 3D printed points (switches), it was an idea suggested to me some years ago to move the rails similar to a maglev or monorail off scene. It seemed like an interesting idea and would certainly reduce the complexity of wiring frogs. I was going to see if I could make one like a cassette with the motor built into the unit. That way it could be quickly swapped out at an exhibition if a point failed. It would mean having a standard turnout radius but I could work with that if the tests are successful.





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I can't believe I forgot to mention one thing I made, considering how stupidly proud I was of myself, when it worked.

I have a working street light, a massive thank you jeff for the recommended wire strippers that are very easy to use and work perfectly. Also a huge thank you to mailhama for suggesting using the brass tube as part of the circuit, I was able to keep the 0.5mm diameter pole which looks so much closer in scale than the ready made version.

Here is the first attempt, a little scruffy but I am working on a version two:



And what it looks like with the light on:


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Drawing the first Building


I started work on the first building, an office called the X-PRESS Yurakucho Building, that sits just behind the tracks.


Source: Apple maps


With a little searching I was able to find the websites for the Architect that made the building and then the Company that leases the workspace. Between the two I was able to get floor plans for several floors with measurements. This included the ground floor giving an accurate spacing from the office to the tracks. 

Here is one of the completed floor plans:



I wasn't able to find any elevation drawings so I have has to work this out from scratch. So far I have completed a rough sketch of the south elevation. It still needs a few more passes checking against reference pictures but I am pretty happy with how this coming is together.



A View of the actual building taken from the expressway:


Source: Google Streetview


Once all the sides are done I can print it out and mock up a scale paper model to check the fit. The finished model will need to be split with the upper floors detached when transporting the layout. Once the mock up is done I will ba able to work out the best place to put the join.


I was hoping to do some painting this weekend but that is looking unlikely at the moment. There is still tomorrow to get things finished however I have decided to cut the expressway off and make it a detachable part. I remember being more than a little liberal with the wood glue when I fixed it in place. I have to be very careful when cutting it free not to accidentally cut through any wires, I have about 2cm clearance to the back of the arches. My dad does have a Japanese saw so I will have a practice using that and if I get on with I will very slowly a carefully cut the road free. I will then use magnets at the corners to make it a removable part.


The reason for the change has really been the addition of lights, I have lots more wires than I originally planned for and this will make a great hiding place for cable runs. Also since putting in the streetlights I have been looking at all the windows along the back of the expressway, each time I do I can't help thinking wouldn't it be good if they lit up too!


Source: Apple maps


Hopefully it will give a nice effect having light pollution coming up from the gap between the track and the road. Backlit Shinkansen anyone!?


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