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Lighting Trains

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18 minutes ago, cteno4 said:

Does it have a decoder or just rectifying and current limiting?




I assume just the rectifying and current limiting. I went to dihikeijs.com and looked at their entry (not a lot more informative) and also magnified the product packaging and read it and there is no indication of built in decoder.

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12 hours ago, chadbag said:

an extra 20-23 euros


I mispoke.  In the Digikeijs online store they are 16,45 to 19,25 euros depending on color it appears.  (There may be other differences).  These are for N. They also make a H0 version.

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Yeah zooming in I couldn’t see a chip that looked like a decoder, just resistors, caps and rectifier. i wonder if they use a current limiting chip to allow for dcc or dc voltage differences.

At least they added a capacitor!



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Martijn Meerts

Apparently they do non-DCC versions now as well. The DCC version does come with decoder built-in, and has various features to simulate different types of light. But yeah, the package linked here does appear to be the non-DCC version.


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Contrary to the DR80010, the DR100 and DR110 don't have a decoder. The manual is here: https://support.digikeijs.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001758397-DR100-DR110-Manuals. The DR100 is the starting kit with figurines, extra capacitors and wires. The DR110 is just the LED strip.

I don't have any but reading the manual I noted a couple of interesting points:

- They are super long: 28cm! It seems that there are in fact two LED strips of 14cm. The manual fails short of confirming that they can be used that way, though...




- The brightness is adjustable with a potentiometer





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2 hours ago, chadbag said:

Are the N scale ones that long?  They list both H0 and N versions.

Looks like, I don't know more than what's on the web site.

The HO version: https://www.digikeijs.com/en/dr100w-h0-lighting-installation-kit-white.html

The N version: https://www.digikeijs.com/en/dr100w-n-lighting-installation-kit-white.html

The only differences I see are the size of the pickup contacts and figurines. That's why I was wondering if the LED strip could be cut in two 14cm segments, this would make them two times cheaper for N.

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Hi guys,


I came across this lighting post.

I’m looking for a better solution, I do not like the KATO way. One LED on one side

the light spreading Is not equal. To be honest, I’m a little bit disappointed in the lighting 

system, because the train units are of high quality.


Just as you guys I found the led strips from digikeijs as well.

At this time I’m working on the DR80010 warm white version.

In combination with the KATO Reseau TGV.

What I like sofar, is of course the equal spreading of the light,

and the integrated (fully programmable) light startup simulation.

and the option to solder a capacitor to the strip, to avoid flickering.

I put the the capacitor in the belly of the car.


At this time I think the warm white version is to “yellow” for the Shinkansen series.

for the TGV I think it is about right.

for that reason I also received a full white one from digikeijs. (not for sale)

to check/experience the difference.

Does any of you guys tested the LED strips in High Speed Trains?



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